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The Verification Process

Becoming a foster parent is an intense process that is used to ensure that Texas’s most vulnerable children are placed in homes that can create healing.  The verification process typically takes about 3-6 months, although the timeline can change based on the needs of your home. 

Step 1

Submit an inquiry-Use the “ Contact us ” link to submit an inquiry to Homes in Harmony. You can also call us at 956-220-7652 or email us at info@harmonyfcaa.com.

Step 2

Attend an orientation training-Orientation trainings are a great place to ask questions and gather information, as well as pick up an application

Step 3 (Click Here Download File)

Submit application-A Harmony Home Developer will screen your application and let you know if you are a good candidate for a Harmony Home. A Harmony Home Developer will also conduct an interview to review the application with you. Foster Parent Application

Step 4

Submit all required documentation-This can include driver’s licenses, social security cards, diplomas, birth certificates, fingerprints, TB tests, fire and health inspections, proof of pet vaccinations, homeowner’s and vehicle insurance, letters of recommendation, marriage license if applicable. A Harmony Home Developer will provide a list of required documents based on your individual home.

Step 5

Attend pre-service trainings-Foster parents are required to attend and complete pre-service trainings in order to become a verified home. These trainings include intensive courses on Trauma Informed Care, Texas Minimum Standards, Emergency Behavioral Intervention, normalcy, medication administration, and other important issues to be aware of as a foster parent.

Step 6

Complete a home study-The homestudy process will include an inspection of the documentation. Your home will also be inspected. Any children living in the home, as well as adult children not living in the home will be interviewed. All foster parents will undergo interviews regarding relationships, perspectives on child rearing, motivation to be a foster home, childhood, etc. In addition, references will be called and interviewed.

Step 7

Wait for your first placement-After everything your home has been reviewed and verified, it is time to eagerly await your first placement. Your life will never be the same again, and it will be worth every single minute of it.