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Bringing & Keeping Families Together

Adopting a child from foster care is a great way to help a child while growing your family.


Be a Rainbow in a child's Storm

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What Makes Our Agency Unique?

Homes in Harmony owners, Jorge and Diana Prado, were foster parents for 9 amazing years. After fostering various children of all ages, and adopting 4 children out of care, the Prado family decided to close their foster home and focus on raising their 6 daughters. Jorge and Diana continued to feel the call to help the hurting children of Laredo, so they decided to open a foster care and adoption agency of their own. Homes in Harmony was born.

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Homes in Harmony, Foster Care and Adoption Agency, LLC is an alternative to institutional care for individuals at birth to the age of 17 years old who experienced neglect and abuse. The Agency will strive to support and provide for children who enter our care by providing 24-hour support, 7 days a week to foster families and children.

Foster Care

Homes in Harmony is dedicated to using our unique perspectives in supporting and advocating for children in care while also guiding foster families to love and provide a safe place that promotes healing and growth

Adoption Care

Millions of children around the world are in need of a loving family. As a full-service agency, we offer infant adoption care.


Foster & Adoption Services

Homes in Harmony provides child placement and adoption services. The very best place for a child to be is in a family.

Family Reunification

Family Reunification Services are short-term, family-based services designed to assist families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping children safe.

AfterCare Support/ Guidance

Homes in Harmony will help and assist youth who are leaving care and need support and guidance giving them a sense of belonging while they are held accountable and given responsibilities.

Independent/ Transitional Living

Homes in Harmony plans on providing Independent living and Transitional Living (housing) once we obtain proper licenses and certifications from the Texas Department of Family and protective Services.

Common Myths About Foster Parenting

FACT: Many foster parents never had children of their own. If you are a responsible person willing to commit to providing a safe and loving environment, you are a perfect fit. Not having children of your own does not take away from your ability to be responsible and provide a loving environment to a child who needs it most.  All you need is patience and a loving heart.

FACT: You don’t have to be stay-at-home parents to foster. If the child does require day care, you may have to cover that cost, but there are programs that can help cover expenses.  Foster parenting does require an amount of sacrifice that may result in the need to take time off of work, just as parenting any child may require.


FACT: While there is some cost for foster care, many state programs will reimburse expenses and/or provide a monthly stipend.  Being able to provide a safe and loving environment for someone who needs it most is priceless.

FACT: Foster parents can be single parents.  Many single parents have had successful foster homes. Foster parents can also be in committed relationships or married.  If married, a couple must have been married for at least 2 years to ensure stability. Anybody who has enough love in their heart can become a foster parent. 

FACT:  Do you have enough love in your heart to provide healing and support?  Then you are a perfect candidate to be a foster parent.  Homes in Harmony is an ally of the LGBTQ community.  Love is love and our children need all the love that they can get!

FACT: The only age requirement is that you must be at least 21 years old to be a foster parent. Many empty-nesters have found foster parenting to be a rewarding experience. As long as you’re able to bring passion and a heart full of unconditional love, you’re never too old to be a foster parent.

FACT: While some foster children are orphans, the vast majorities come from difficult home situations. Foster care is intended to protect those children. The goal for many of these children is reunification with their biological families, and Homes in Harmony will support this process to make it an easier transition for all.

FACT: Many children in the state child welfare system have endured trauma in their lives. Because of this, they need you the most. You can provide a loving, stable, nurturing home for them to heal, learn, and grow. Homes in Harmony uses Trauma Informed Care Training and TBRI training to help heal hurting hearts and nurture grieving children.

FACT: The idea of foster care is to create permanence in the lives of the children. Many children are placed with foster parents and remain with those parents for a long time regardless of adoption eligibility. When they do go from home to home it is usually because of reunification attempts.

FACT: Foster parents come from all walks of life.  Some own homes and others rent apartments.  The only requirement for foster homes is that each child have their own space (40 square feet of sleeping space) and their own bed. 

Changing Lives One Child at a Time

Every child is one loving adult away from being a success story. You were born with the ability to change somebody’s life. Do not ever waste it. Our foster parents work together with our Case Managers to build a team that will forever heal the life of a child in care.


We believe in supporting all children who enter care regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age by matching them appropriately to families who appreciate and respect their values.

Our Mission

To help children heal in a harmonious home that provides serenity and hope.


  • Integrity
  • Service to Others
  • Commitment to Both Families and Children
  • Compassion
  • Professional Discipline
  • Continual Growth as Professionals
  • Psychological Empowerment

Make a Difference

All children deserve to live in safe, nurturing homes where they can feel valued and loved.